Sun worshipping 

Just before sunset, baboons climb up the trees to roost, stay warm and get away from predators. Ancient Egyptians thought this was an act of devotion to the sun; that they watched it set and rise again. To protect it and show it affection.That is how the baboon became the protector of the sun.I have … Continue reading Sun worshipping 


Last sunset at the beach

Today was the last day of a fellow volunteer, and we spent the evening at the small town beach on San Cristobal, Playa Mann.Earlier in the evening, we had gathered ingredients from across town so that we could make our own empanadas, a common food here. We had cheese and ground beef inside, vegetables, salad … Continue reading Last sunset at the beach

Lava tunnels and volcanoes 

Today I am on the biggest Galápagos island - Isabela. It's appropriately shaped like a seahorse and is the most beautiful of the three islands I have visited so far. It's got a tiny population, no proper roads and the animals are bigger and more plentiful; the beaches are broad sweeps of white sand and … Continue reading Lava tunnels and volcanoes