Welcome to the blog of a twenty-something student type lucky enough to call Europe my home. Thanks for looking!

This is a rather messy collection of my thoughts, photos and more as I trot the globe. Inspired by Jack Kerouac, Jon Krakauer, Robyn Davidson, Thelma and Louise, Cheryl Strayed, Patrick Leigh Fermor, and so many more, these are the words I’ve pieced together from my travels ever since I decided I never wanted to stop moving.

The blog title, in case you’re wondering, is a pun on a fantastic song by Johnny Cash (and others), which is a firm fixture on my travel music playlist. It’s also a nod to a common state of affairs – that of being broke, on the road, but loving it anyway…

And if you’re a big fan of The Beatles, like me, please do check out and contribute to my Beatles blog here.


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