My best books of 2019

Unusually for me, most of my favourite books this year have been non-fiction, and it's true that I've read a lot more of this kind of book in 2019. It's probably due to a reorientation towards studying again, meaning that I have to spend most of my free time reading books that are mostly informative … Continue reading My best books of 2019

Environmental Humanities: books, podcasts, films, etc.

This list will be updated the more I come across, and the more time I can find... 🎬 Films Anthropocene: the Human Epoch Into Eternity Sea of Shadows Whales Weep Not Werner Herzog documentaries Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival Vive la baleine! (Three Cheers for the Whale) 🎧 Podcasts Mothers of Invention National Geographic, … Continue reading Environmental Humanities: books, podcasts, films, etc.